All you need to succeed in search.

In the palm of your hand.

Make Data Driven Decisions.

Redtools takes the guesswork out of SEO practices and gives you the easiest, fastest way to optimize your site for search and report on your improvements.

With Redtools, optimizing your site is as easy as 1, 2, 3.


The big picture

Unlike other SEO solutions, Redtools gives you a complete overview of your playing field. It compares your content against your competition—combining data from thousands of keyword positions, content and traffic statistics to determine what works best in your niche. You’ll know exactly what keywords to use and which pages of your site yield the most return for the least effort.


The right plan

Then Redtools brings all this data together to build the perfect plan for your site. You’ll know what pages to improve first. Which keywords will have the most impact. What changes will work the fastest. Redtools takes the guessing out of it so you don’t waste time and effort



The solid proof

Not only does Redtools tell you what to work on, and when, it helps you measure and report results along the way. Every step, every improvement, is measurable and reportable so you can see what is working, and prove it.


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