Get the full picture of your content marketing efforts.

Take the guesswork out of managing your content marketing and SEO campaigns. Redtools centralizes all your relevant data in one place, allowing you to make data driven decisions and maintain accountability. Track keyword positions, make content evaluations, track social shares, website visits, and back-links for your site and your competitors. Access to this data allows your team to maximize your ROI by focusing on tasks identified by detailed analysis your your site and its competitors.


The keywords view lists all keywords that have ever ranked for your website and tracks the changes in position over time. This high level overview allows your team to evaluate what changes are occurring that are either helping or hurting the progress of your content marketing campaign. From this page you can click to the keyword detail view for any keyword listed. Advanced filters allow you to filter down to the relevant keywords you need to focus on. Chart data allows you to monitor progress at a glance.


The pages list view is one of the most powerful features included with our platform. The chart tracks the key data points of number of keywords and pages ranking and the traffic increases or decreases to the site. The table view tracks and filters summary data for each page including the estimated search opportunity for each page. The number of ranks, changes in number of ranks, average position, visits and whether or not duplicate content has been detected.

Keyword Detail

View everything you need to know about a particular keyword on your website. The content score indicates how well the best landing page conforms to best practices. Track the ranking history. View competitor data and landing pages in order to determine why a competitor is winning out over your site. Track changes in keyword content score and research related keywords all from one page.

Page Detail

The page detail view tracks all the relevant data for a page on your site. Keyword position and counts are tracked over time and can be compared with increases or decreases in organic search traffic. View the traffic potential of a page with it’s estimated current performance. The detail tabs provide data on page keywords, related keywords, and related pages for your site and it’s competitors. Diagnose potential problems and encourage accountability by tracking all content changes flagged by the system as well as determine problems with duplicate content.